Tampax Tampons with Flushable Applicator, Regular Absorbency

More women and more women doctors use Tampax tampons than any other tampon or pad. Comfortable to insert - Tampax tampons super smooth applicator makes insertion really easy and comfortable. Tampax tampons also feature a rounded tip for soft, confident placement every time. Trusted Tampax Protection - Tampax tampons expand three ways to gently fit your inner shape for unbeatable protection that helps prevent accidents. And, unlike pads or shields, inner protection also means natural odor protection. Our strong durable wrapper keeps each tampon extra clean and protected. Overnight Protection - Tampons provide a comfortable alternative to pads for overnight protection for up to 8 hours. Regardless of when you use them, you should change your tampon every 4-8 hours. The risk of TSS can be reduced by alternating tampons with pads. Unscented or Refreshing Deodorant - Tampax tampons are also available with a new fresh clean scent for an extra fresh, confident feeling.