Skinny Natural Corn Chips, Barbeque

Low fat! Only 60 calories. 1 g of Fat per cup! Baked, natural & delicious! What's in a cup of your favorite snack? You know what you want from your favorite salty snack - great taste, zesty flavors, a crisp crunchy texture and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a delicious treat. Unless you read labels carefully, you may be getting more than you bargained for - more calories, more cholesterol and a lot more fat. Compare what you're getting with other popular snacks and you will discover that, cup for cup, Skinny is the low-fat snack you've been searching for. Did you ever notice with some of the fat-free of low-fat snacks you have to eat so much that you are eating more calories in order to be satisfied? That is the Skinny Difference! You can eat 1 serving of Skinny chips and be more satisfied than after an entire bag of other snacks. Try it and you'll see! You can eat less and feel satisfied. I guess that's why we can call them Skinny. Naturally, of course!