Lunchables Fun Fuel Lunch Combinations, 2 Ham Wraps

Contains: 2 Tortilla Wraps, Oscar Mayer Deli Style Ham (Water added), Kraft 2% Milk Natural Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese Shreds (40% Less fat than cheddar cheese), Kraft Light Mayonnaise, Low Fat Berry Yogurt (2% Milkfat, naturally flavored), 100% Juice Fruit Punch (with other natural flavors and Vitamin C). 100% DV of Vitamin C. Good source of calcium & protein from cheese. Includes the fruit group, grain group, milk group, meat group. The USDA and DHHS Food Pyramid Guide shows you how to eat better each day by combing a variety of foods from each of the major food groups. Lunchables Lunch combinations Fun Fuel provide foods from 4 of the Pyramids food groups: The 100% Juice Fruit Punch provides one serving from the fruit group. The tortillas provide one serving from the grain group. The cheese and yogurt provide a half serving from the milk group. The ham provides a half serving from the meat group. Did You KnowThis lunch provides about 20% of a 2,000 calorie daily diet. Half the sugars occur naturally in the 100% Juice Fruit Punch. Sodium is found in several ingredients that are used to promote food safety and enhance flavor. Kraft 2% milk natural reduced fat cheddar cheese shreds have 6 grams of fat compared with 10 grams in cheddar cheese. 100% Fruit juice.