IAMS Premium Cat Food, Active Maturity Formula

Rich in age-essential nutrients. Proven to boost the immune system. Made with wholesome chicken & fiber without excess fat. Outstanding nutrition starts with wholesome ingredients. Real chicken for high-quality protein, naturally provides taurine. Every kibble of Iams Activity Maturity starts with wholesome, nutrient-rich chicken protein to maintain muscle tone, body systems, skin and coat. This high-quality chicken protein is easy on the digestive system, so your cat gets all of the essential amino acids needed to help stay healthy, including taurine for clear eyes and a strong heart. Easy-to-digest carbohydrates, patented fiber system for colon health. Iams Activity Maturity Formula contains select, wholesome carbohydrates your cat needs to support good health. These carbohydrates are carefully processed for easy digestion. At Iams, we select a blend of whole-grain carbohydrates that also help maintain normal blood sugar levels throughout the day. In addition, fiber is an important part of a balanced diet. Only Iams Cat Foods have a special, patented fiber system to help keep your cat's digestive system healthy. Energy for life. Although after age seven cats may need less fat to control weight gain, it's important not to eliminate fat completely. Fat provides the essential energy your cat needs for playing, jumping and vital functions. Fat helps keep your cat's skin and coat healthy. It also plays an important role in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Iams Active Maturity Formula has a 30% lower fat level than Iams Original Formula to help maintain weight, but still provides enough of this key nutrient to help keep your cat healthy inside and out. Iams Active Maturity for Mature Adult Cats age seven or older. Antioxidant-Rich for immune system health, high nutrient absorption. Antioxidant-rich for immune system health, high nutrient absorption. As your cat ages, his or her immune system may not be as strong as it once was. Iams Activity Maturity Formula is proven to nutritionally boost the immune system, building an active defense against age-related ailments to help maintain a healthy, happy and vital life for many years to come. Since the high-quality ingredients in Iams Active Maturity are easy to digest, you can be confident more nutrition stays in your cat for proper health and vitality. And Iams Active Maturity is formulated for less litter box waste and odor, something both you and your cat will appreciate. As your cat grows in years, he or she can benefit from highly digestible, premium nutrition more than ever. Iams Senior has plenty of protein to help maintain muscle mass. And with 30% less fat than Iams Original Formula, your cat can still have enough energy to stay active without excess fat for weight gain. Guaranteed taste, natural preservative system, no artificial colors or flavors. The high-quality ingredients in Iams Active Maturity are guaranteed to provide great taste your cat loves, or your money back. And each kibble is easy for your cat to chew, yet crunchy enough to help keep teeth clean and strong. Because The Iams Company cares about your cat, we use a Natural Preservative System with no artificial colors or flavors. Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials' procedures substantiate that Iams Activity Maturity Formula For Cats provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance.