Hartz Basted Rawhide Bones 6 ea

Hickory beef basted rawhide bones. Rawhide - Nature's perfect treat. Give your pet the benefit of clean teeth and fresh breath. Rawhide, often called nature's toothbrush. naturally promotes plaque and tartar reduction, while satisfying your pet's instinctive urge to chew. It is as digestible as regular dog food. Hartz Dental rawhide us carefully cut by hand and packaged for freshness. Manufactured in facilities that adhere to USDA regulations for food safety, Hartz Dental rawhide comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. The beef basted rawhide is coated with an irresistible flavor that dogs love. Rawhide bones provide deep chewing satisfaction for active, aggressive chewers. Give them to your pet for a special chew that you know is good for them. Made in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, China or Thailand.