Guardsman Large Cloth, 18 in x 14 in

Also fits Swiffer, Sweepers, Pledge grab-it, and similar type floor sweepers. Outperforms disposable cloths. Won't tear and is reusable. Safe for all surfaces. Washable. Leaves no residue. Grabs the dust and holds it. Removes allergy causing irritants. With Just one-wipe the Ultimate Duster quickly and effectively removes dust from: furniture, paneling, appliances, blinds, screens window sills, glass/mirrors, door jamb, desks, electronics, any surface. The special treatment attracts and bonds dust to the cloth, giving you healthier, cleaner air. Sprays and other cloths simply scatter dust only to have it re-settle later. With the Ultimate Duster you won't need dusting spray, which saves you money. The world's fastest and easiest way to dust. Also great for hard to reach areas. Keeps dash clean with just one wipe. Safe for all surfaces leaves no residue. Made in USA.