Cremo Beard Oil, Revitalizing, Forest Blend

Softens hair to help soothe beard itch. Restores natural moisture and keeps beard feeling fresh and clean. For the glory of well-crafted beard. No matter what length of beard you sport, Cremo Beard Oil is the single most critical product for one's daily regimen. It relieves itchiness and dryness, leaving your beard looking healthy and smelling fresh. Short facial hair remains sharp from shaving and curves back into your skin causing itching and irritation. Older, longer hair loses its natural moisture, leading to damaged hair, flaking and more irritation. Our astonishing formula contains the highest quality natural Argan and Jojoba oils and other carefully selected ingredients. They work to moisturize, restore, and condition your beard as well as your underlying skin so you can come back to civilization. The gentleman's guide to bears from stubble and scruff to grizzly and everything in between. Facial hair is a glorious thing but it requires proper care and maintenance. The hair on your face is coarser than the hair on your head but the skin underneath is more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. These conflicting issues require a unique set of products. This guide will help you select the right products at any stage. Stubble to Scruff Issue: Your beard feels itchy because as it starts to grow, these short, sharp hairs curve back into your skin. Recommendation: Soften facial hair and moisturize your underlying skin to soothe irritation and beard itch. Cremo Solution: Beard & scruff softener; Beard & scruff cream; Beard oil. Short to Medium Issue: Your beard is collecting dead skin cells, food particles and dirt. It can also be dry and itchy and may be getting a bit unruly. Recommendation: Use an oil or cream to restore moisture and keep beard smelling and looking fresh. Cremo Solution: Beard wash; Beard & scruff softener; Beard & scruff cream; Beard oil. Medium to Long Issue: Your beard is likely unruly and needs to lay down. It's becoming a dirt magnet at this length and dryness will lead to an itchy, tough beard. Recommendation: Use a wash and softener, a good styling balm, and oil or cream to keep it conditioned. Cremo Solution: Beard wash; Beard & scruff softener; Beard & scruff cream; Beard oil; Beard balm. Not tested on animals. Made USA.